first of All, a heartfelt thanks: to recover Don Giovanni in the case of the Palais Garnier. Lo, these many years, sacrificing a necessary obsession of profitability, the masterpiece of Mozart was programmed into the large refrigerator of the Bastille, the dimensions of which are against the work. While this opera, one of the most subtle, the most complex, cannot be comprehended in a theatre to the human dimensions, since few of the works that plunge at this point in the depths of the soul of their characters (and therefore of the performers, so the audience…).

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of course, while some productions have the leather unnecessarily strong, and that their times are eventually tired of it, we can regret that the admirable staging of Michael Haneke to be passed to the hatch. But you must admit that this production of light years Mortar (created at Garnier but always resumed at the …

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