“Hello my love, hello my grief!” In a video posted this morning (Thursday), Gad Elmaleh is in blackface in his character a fan Favourite. Facing the camera and robe, he is about, especially to respond to the many critics who assail since CopyComic has undertaken to highlight the strong similarities between the skits of the comedian, and those of his colleagues. “Hearsay that does not hear-say, nothing of consequence,” and that have pushed the comic to come out of her silence remarked: “It is true that it’s been a long time that I have not given news.”

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Not a question of beating around the bush: “We will have to go cash on the table: plagiarism.” The comedian launches into a kind of sketch in which Darling, the source of his inspiration, complains of having been plagiarized in his way of talking, “to think of [s’], exercise, [to] move” to create the character who has earned Gad Elmaleh to be nominated for the César 2014, in the category of best actor. It annoys also the charges of “gaderies”: “Oh! You are walking in the moonwalk! Twenty-five years of career!”, punctuates-t-it to be an insult in Arabic directed against “surly”. On February 4, Gad Elmaleh received a Crystal Globe come to reward all his career, willfully ignoring the accusations of plagiarism against him. At the same time, the Brothel Comedy Club of Montreal announced that they no longer want him, in order to protect the creations of other clubs that occur there.

“social networks, it is not life,”

The registry changes suddenly in the second part of the video: “today, I have a message.” Darling – or Gad Elmaleh, getting lost in its source of inspiration – this time for victims of harassment. “Where you soyes, and that you soyes, in your village, in your city, in your school, whether a day with social networking, your heart it bled or wept: be strong.” The comedian recalls that “the social networks, it is not life, and the life, it is not the social networks,” and asks his audience a little bit of mercy for the bully that he imagines to have the heart that bleeds, “also”. “Tonight, we will tell them that they can go all to well… cuddle.” He sends a kiss to the camera, and the video ends.

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No excuses, nor any real explanations on the part of Gad Elmaleh. But his reference to the harassment online fall at the same time the social networks are discovering and rebel against the “League of the LOL”, a collective of influencers that has been raging on Twitter and Facebook a few years ago. Sunday, youtubeur Cyprian testified to having made the charge. Another means of diverting attention to one who is no longer the Darling of the critics.