Told the psychiatrist about the harm and dangers of alcohol in the heat

the Psychiatrist-narcologist Alexey Kazantsev told how hot weather makes drinking more dangerous for human health.

According to the doctor, the danger of drinking alcohol in the heat lies in the very rapid onset of intoxication. The medic explained that is due to the fact that such elaborazione beverages, such as cider or beer is quickly absorbed.

Kazantsev in an interview with radio Sputnik noted that the use of alcohol in hot weather increases the risk of injury, as drunk people often want to cool off, and they jump in the water. Such cases often end tragically.

the Psychiatrist warned that people in an alcohol intoxication can also get into an accident or fall asleep to earth, and then pneumonia.

In this regard, the specialist advises Russians to give up alcohol in the heat or at least choose non-carbonated soft drinks, which can add ice. “The main thing is to drink in moderation,” concluded the psychiatrist.

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