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Moscow was counting on a military victory in Libya, but the attack on the capital failed. Now the Kremlin wants to achieve its military objectives with the oil embargo — “to spite US”, writes the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (translation Inopressa). The author — journalist Cristian Led — notes that “oil can be a weapon.” “It’s at the moment demonstrate in Libya, Russia and the United Arab Emirates,” — said in the article. Led recalls that supported these countries General Khalifa Haftar in the East won in recent years almost the whole country and more and more surrounded the capital Tripoli in the West. Since January, his troops blocked the production and export of black gold. Libya’s production of oil has declined dramatically from 1.2 million to 100 thousand barrels per day. At the same time, the journalist continues, Haftar and his allies justify their blockade of the fact that “the revenues from oil exports were not distributed equally”. “Besides, recognized by the international community, the government in Tripoli, according to them, financed by funds obtained from the sale of oil, militants and terrorists,” writes the media. Tim Eaton from the analytical center Chatham House in doubt that for the Haftarah and its allies is indeed more equitable and transparent distribution of oil revenues. According to experts, the implementation of the embargo two days before the Berlin conference in January suggests that it should serve as “political leverage” for negotiations. His view is shared by the expert on Libya ANAS al Gomati. He pointed out that in 2015, an attempt was made to create a parallel oil company in the East and accounts for income in the Emirates. The plan eventually failed under pressure from the United States. “After the troops of the national consensus Government took under controleh mine El-Sharara in the South-West, in June, production was gradually started. (…) But soon the Russian armed forces of the infamous “Group of Wagner’s” took control of ash-the Sharara and es sider. Since the oil embargo, which the Libyan state in the first half lost 6 billion dollars of income proceeds”, — is spoken in article. According to al-Gomati, if the result of the oil embargo Tripoli will not soften its position, “Russia and the Emirates can also set yourself a goal of splitting the country”. “According to the principle: “If we can’t win, then we have throw,” explained al-Gomati.