The mission, they have accepted it. After rave reviews for the final installment in Fallout , which partly takes place in Paris, Tom Cruise, co-producer of the series and director Christopher McQuarrie have signed a new contract with Paramount studios to extend the franchise, Mission: Impossible of two additional films. Each turn, the two collaborators have shared the news to fans on social networks.

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Actor, producer, Tom Cruise has also shown throughout his career as one of the stuntmen the most renowned in the film industry. The Jean-Paul Belmondo-2000s, has always held to perform his own stunts, no matter the danger or complexity of the performance. And each episode of Mission: Impossible has its share of thrills. Jump between two buildings, climb the facade of the immense skyscrapers of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa, clinging to a cargo plane full take off, the actor is a bit of a swiss army knife of Hollywood. 56 years of age, it does not seem decided to put the pedal soft. His next film, Top Gun 2 , the highly anticipated sequel to the cult film released in 1986, has seen its release to be pushed back by the summer 2019 summer 2020. The reason would be partly due to the insistence of the Cruise to perform his stunts in the most realistic way possible. He would then have wanted to learn to fly him-even a fighter plane for this sequel. A first for an actor.

in Order not to coincide with the release of that other action film, Paramount has decided to schedule the release of the next missions impossible Ethan Hunt in the summer of 2021 and 2022. Two dates are very close, because the production is planning two films are complementary, to take advantage of the success of the saga. A process in vogue since several years, and still as effective to believe in the success of the franchise, Avengers , the next Endgame to be released in theatres on April 24.

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When the next two Mission: Impossible will come out in the cinema, Tom Cruise frôlera then 60 years, forty of which are dedicated to the cinema industry. When we know that Belmondo has carried out his own stunts until the age of 70 years, we say that there is still a lot of time to the american actor to continue to do the daredevil in front of the cameras.