Tom Hardy has not finished with Venom. The british actor is expected to reprise the role of journalist Eddie Brock and the symbiote alien who is the contaminates in the sequel to the hit Venom , released in 2018. “I can confirm that Tom Hardy will be back, playing beautifully on this character like nobody else could,” said producer Amy Pascal, manager at Sony, in an interview with the site According to her, “when you think of Venom, you will not be able to ever think of someone other than Tom Hardy, sitting in his aquarium lobster”, in reference to one of the scenes most outstanding moments of the film.

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The success of Venom – the film has earned $ 855 million of revenue in the world – has convinced Sony, which owns the rights to Spider-Man and characters from his universe (including Venom, so) to rapidly start the production of a suite. For Amy Pascal, Sony, has been able to give this new franchise a “life-and his own universe”. And this, then, that the film had received critical cold, or even icy.

The announcement of the reappointment of Tom Hardy is definitely more of a commercial interest as art, as much for Sony as for the actor known for his roles in Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant . During the promotion of Venom last year, the actor was, in fact, left to go to some confidences on the Youtube channel Comics Explained. When asked about his favorite scene of the movie, he had confided: “scenes that are not in the film.” “There are between 30 and 40 minutes of scenes that are not in this movie. Scenes of puppets, crazy, scenes of black comedy… They have just not been kept,” he ratted.

Crossovers with Spider-Man

Amy Pascal has also let leak a few clues about the future of Spider-Man in the cinema. “Everyone would love to see” spider man and Venom in the same movie, she confessed. You never know… It could happen one day.” Maybe even with Tom Holland, the current interpreter of Spider-Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The producer has also hinted that the feature-length animated film Spider-Man: New Generation , which featured several versions of the friendly super-heroes from parallel universes, could have a future in shooting real. In an interview with Jake Hamilton on June 19, during the promotion of Spider-Man: Far From Home , Tom Holland has issued a wish similar. When asked about the possibility of a movie with the previous performers of the super-hero, to know Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the actor has found the idea of “really, really cool. And this is what the fans want.” In a parallel universe, this movie might already be there…