Tomsk journalist persecuted for fakes because of the pictures of the

concerning the journalist “MK in Tomsk” Stanislaus Mikryukova made two of the Protocol under article 13.15 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation on pre publication about the outbreak of coronavirus in the clinic of the Siberian state medical University (SSMU) and photos from the morgue.

As the “”, we are talking about the news about the outbreak of coronavirus in the hospital where it was reported the closure of the clinics to quarantine. This fact later confirmed by Vice-Governor Ivan Deev. Mikryukov connects prosecution by the police with the publication of photographs from the local morgue with the dead bodies in bags. The regional authorities initially denied the authenticity of the pictures, but after new evidence, the Governor Sergey Zhvachkin has sacked the head of the regional destava Alexander Kholopov and said stiffening in the morgue. The head of region has accused the authors of the publication in the “on order” and said that the first picture was captured Methody the clothes and belongings of the dead.

Mikryukov said that all photos, including those where the bags discern the outlines of dead bodies of people taken in the same room.

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