Without art, life would be less beautiful. We would be condemned to watch the series more or less interesting (the franco-German channel in the diffuse too), blockbusters more or less good ( Die Hard: good day to die or GoldenEye , plague or cholera?), football matches more or less exciting (frankly, Guingamp-Amiens) and reality tv shows.

Thanks to Arte, you can (re)see The human animal of Jean Renoir in prime time. Arte, chain film buff? Yes, and last string free form of movie-goers, to offer classic and art films in the original version. It does not simply broadcast them, she supports them financially. The fifth edition of his festival, from 12 to 26 November, bringing together the most recent co-productions of the chain, is there to remind. An eclectic selection that alternates the best and the very good.

Toni Erdmann – VF – Released the 12/11/18 at 20h55 on ARTE – Look on Figaro Live

Number of titles offered had the honors of a selection at the Cannes film Festival. This is the case of Toni Erdmann , aired tonight, one of the most beautiful films of the last ten years. A very long film-German (2: 31) applauded during the screening at cannes in 2016 when the irresistible scene of the “naked party”. Because yes, the film Maren Ade is a comedy. Inès (Sandra Hüller), a business woman German expatriate in Bucharest, sees his father (Peter Simonischek, a great actor of theatre land and without warning. A funny gus, the kind sixty-huitard, prankster, who invents a character eccentric with wig and dentures. A superb dog crazy in a game of bowling. The reunion between the father crazy and the girl executive woman make sparks. Not a common scene, agreed. The humor makes men and women better, we said Maren Ade, distributed unjustly empty-handed from Cannes.

yachting and cannibalism

Another nugget passed along by the Croisette, the Mia Madre , Nanni Moretti, proposed the 18 November at 20: 50. The director of The Chamber of the son evokes the death of his own mother through Margherita (great Margherita Buy), a filmmaker in the middle of shooting a film committed (the story of a strike in a factory with John Turturro in the lead role), while his love beats of the wing, that her daughter had a seizure ado severe and especially his mother, Ada, died. A beautiful medley on the life, death and cinema. It is what it is.

Other filmmaker exciting, Bruno Dumont, who also made his return to competition at Cannes in 2015, with Ma Loute (26 November, 20: 55). The director of Life of Jesus causes Fabrice Luchini, Juliette Binoche and Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi in a harsh satire of the bourgeoisie on the beaches of northern France. A certain vision of the class struggle. The aristocrats are the sailing, the poor, practise cannibalism. It is necessary while they eat.

these also Include The Future (November 19, 20: 55), the best movie from Mia Hansen-Love, with Isabelle Huppert as a professor of philosophy in crisis. Or even That feeling of summer (November 19, 22: 35) Michael Herz, a story of grief between Berlin, Paris and New York. To discover before his new feature film, the gorgeous Amanda, with Vincent Lacoste, in the dining hall on 21 November. Side sport, it was the choice between the very good Mercenary (November 21, 23: 30) Sacha Wolff, on a linebacker wallisian recruited by a club of the metropolis, and Olli Mäki (November 14, 23: 10 pm), a biopic of boxer Finnish, slugger in the heart of the artichoke. Finally, The Turtle red (November 14, 20: 55) Michael Dudok de Wit is a marvel of animated film.