like the Oscars for movies and Emmys for television, the Tony Awards reward every year the best artists and creatives for Broadway. Its seventy-third edition was held on Sunday and has been broadcast on television in north america since the Radio City Music Hall in New York. The musical comedy Hadestown and the play The Ferryman are distinguished from their peers, while a few surprises have dotted the ceremony.

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Hadestown was leaving the big favourite of this seventy-third edition of “Tony” with fourteen nominations and eight awards in the final, including that of best musical. The show, a version very modern myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and the sounds of folk and jazz, came to Broadway in April, after a journey of thirteen unusual for large Broadway productions. After having started as a show sung, without choreography, presented in Vermont in 2006, he became a hit album and then a show off-Broadway, passed through London and Canada. “If Hadestown has a message, it is that change is possible, that after periods of black, the spring will come back”, stressed the producer Mara Isaacs receiving his trophy.

The Ferryman , a play by Jez Butterworth was born in London in 2017, was also among the top favorites this year with nine nominations, and the final four Tony’s, including best play. Directed by Sam Mendes – sacred best director – she tells, with much humor and gusto, the tragic story of the disappearance in the Northern Ireland of 1981, in a full hunger strike of the republican activist Bobby Sands. In a period where the IRA, the irish republican Army, use tactics disturbing, and Margaret Thatcher displays his inflexibility legendary, the secrets of a family in the countryside, full of colorful characters – twenty players in total, including a baby and a goose in the flesh – will gradually reveal themselves.

Bryan Cranston rewarded

The actor Bryan Cranston, winner of the Tony for best actor for his role in Network , a play born in 2017 in London and adapted from the film of 1976 on a tv journalist, has dedicated his award to “real journalists around the world.” “The media are not the enemy of the people, demagoguery is the enemy of the people,” he said, criticizing without naming the president, north american Donald Trump, who has several times used these terms to describe the media.

Have also been rewarded for the first time an actress in a wheelchair, Ali Stroker, for his role in the musical comedy Oklahoma! , and Rachel Chavkin, director of Hadestown , the only woman at the head of a musical comedy this season. “There are so many women who are ready, many artists of color who are ready to go,” pointed out Rachel Chavkin in receiving his trophy. “This is not a lack of preparation, it is a lack of imagination on the part of a sector that is supposed to imagine how the world could be”. Ali Stroker has dedicated her prize to “all children with disabilities and / or who are facing challenges”: “To all those who dreamed to be represented one day in this room… Now you are!”

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The actor and tv presenter James Corden was the master of ceremony of these awards, celebrating in an opening number about the virtues of live theatre compared to the streaming. If he has demonstrated that he has a sense of humor very apolitical, others are responsible for injecting a little during this evening of three hours. Billy Porter, who made a splash at the red carpet with his “robe uterus” to affirm his support for the right to abortion, is affirmed in the “defender of all those who are deprived of their rights”. “None of us is free as long as we are not all free!” he launched on the stage of Radio City Music Hall.