Took the place of Furgala Degtyarev explained the refusal to disperse protesters in Khabarovsk

Lipovec Mikhail Degtyarev, appointed by decree of President Vladimir Putin interim head of the Khabarovsk territory after the arrest of the popularly elected Governor Sergey Furgala, hoping for a peaceful passing of the protests. In conversation with “Kommersant” newspaper he explained his reluctance to go on the power measures.

“I very much hope that the police will not provoke the extreme action,” — said the former Deputy of the state Duma from the Samara region, adding that officers behave “correctly”.

According to Degtyareva, while the situation with support transferred to Moscow and is devoid of post Furgala Khabarovsk “gives” it “cautious optimism,” including through “a competent position of law enforcement bodies”.

law Enforcers ensure that in the spontaneous “people’s movement” not “parasitized newcomers organized provocateurs” — is to developed a plan, said the acting Governor.

Degtyarev noted the increased interest of Russians to what is happening in the region, after accusations Furgala in the killings 15 years ago. The journalist asked him whether “refusal to disperse unauthorized activities” with flexibility. “We, on the edge of watching the whole country”, — said Degtyarev, saying that “a lot of work, it’s a huge responsibility before the people, before the President.” “We need to meet with the largest possible number of inhabitants of the region”, — said the appointee of the President.

He urged not to forget that the protests are not authorized and are in the period of limitations in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

In turn, the publication writes that Degtyarev visited the city Council, where he answered the question of Communist Maxim Kukushkin about the legitimacy and ethicality of replacement Furgala his candidacy is a popular topic of discussion local residents.

the acting head of the region said it is not ready to comment on Putin’s decree. The Degtyaryov emphasized the absolute validity of the decision of the President. “Decree law, it is not discussed for the simple reason that Sergei Furgal is the fifteenth Governor, was suspended by the President in connection with loss of trust. And fourteen governors before him were, incidentally, members of the “United Russia”, it is important to understand. Fourteen the President suspended before. During the investigation for economic crimes, mostly. Really? True. So what are the issues? Therefore, all ethical, I am in harmony with my conscience”, — said the representative of the liberal democratic party.

Former Duma member noted that to be in the position of head of the region dalnovostochnogo for him the honor and he did not hesitate a single second, accepting the proposal of the head of Russia.

According to mate Sergey Furgala appointment of a member of the liberal democratic party Governor — a normal practice. “I’m the third Governor — a member of the liberal democratic party and the second acting Governor appointed by the President. First — Ostrowski (head of the Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky — “Rosbalt”), it works, went for a third term — said Degtyarev. — That is the phenomenon of the Governor — a member of the liberal democratic party, if the channel about it I don’t know, not a unique situation.” Furgal won the election in 2018 as a candidate from the liberal democratic party.

Earlier, when dealing with arrived in Khabarovsk musician Sergey Shnurov, Degtyarev said that the views Putin, the head of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky and of local residents coincide. “Opinions do not differ. Though many take the, call, here’s a finger to the sky, I will tell you that they are absolutely identical, well, is it on the agenda of the Khabarovsk territory, of course,” said “candidate Putin.”

it was reported that the Khabarovsk 18 days satisfied the city’s numerous actions in support of furgala. It was reported a number of arrests of supporters of the arrested person, the Governor and several beatings of activists and journalists. Recall also that Degtyarev refused to go to the protesters.