“You have been very patient with me. I had the impression that it was my responsibility to be really living up to your expectations.” Tom Cruise has spared its effects by presenting at Comic-Con San Diego, the trailer of the sequel of the adventures of “Maverick”, the fighter pilot who made his fame in the 1980s. Thirty-three years later, Pete Mitchell is back in Top Gun: Maverick. And he will still have to wait a year to discover new adventures on the screens: released on July 15, 2020.

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“Medal of war that has never received a promotion, who do not want to retire, and despite all his efforts, refuses to die”, we learn. Here we are on familiar ground. A takeoff from an aircraft carrier later, the main theme composed by Harald Faltemeier in 1986 sounds while Maverick puts on his leather jacket, grabs her sunglasses and gets on his motorcycle. Something to give chills to all the fans who will not be disappointed by the first images released. The plans on the maneuvers of the jets are always so realistic. As usual, the actor wished to drive himself most of the action scenes, including piloting a real fighter aircraft of the u.s. army. Remains to know if the old driver will be louder than the drones unmanned reign now on the sky.

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An old, two new and a big absence

The casting, is also featured Val Kilmer in his role as Iceman. Miles Teller ( Whiplash, X-Men ), meanwhile, joined the cast in the role of the son of the pilot Goose was killed during a training exercise in the first film. The implementation stage has been entrusted to Joseph Kosinski (he has already signed Oblivion with Tom Cruise ) who takes over from Tony Scott, director of the first pane, who committed suicide in 2012. On the other hand the actress Kelly McGillis is not credited. Where did the great romance of Take My Breathe Away that has rocked the teenagers? Reply July 15, 2020.