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Top Gun 2: the new jacket of Tom Cruise controversy


Tom Cruise has spared its effects by presenting himself at Comic-Con San Diego, the trailer of the sequel of the adventures of Maverick, the fighter pilot who made his fame in the 1980s. An appearance which has so much surprised that exalted the fans of the actor. The first images from the film have also pleased the fans. The main theme, composed by Harald Faltemeier in 1986, the leather jacket, the sunglasses and the bike: everything is there to make you shiver aficionados. One detail, the jacket is not exactly the same as in the first game. And in particular, the patches that are embroidered.

The fans of the first part have noted the disappearance of the badges of Japan and Taiwan, which are present on the jacket in the feature film, 1986, and replaced by flags fictitious with the same color code. The difference does not stop there since even the inscription “Far East Cruise 63-4” and “USS Galveston” were changed for “United States Navy” and “Indian Ocean Cruise 85-86” in the new version.

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When geopolitics takes over the film

An explanation of these changes has been given by the Business Insider , which evokes interest and economic policy. China is today more than ever, a market and an investor of choice in the film industry. The new blockbusters, which are increasingly more expensive, can not afford to ignore it. The chinese power does not suffer any false step and shakes willingly, the threat of censorship., especially when it comes to feature films american.

These changes would have been made for the sole purpose of not to offend the Empire of the middle. Not to mention the independence of Taiwan in displaying his flag, that the Chinese do not support, but also to replace that of Japan, which has long floated over their heads during the Second world War. The inscription “Far East Cruise 63-4, USS Galveston” commemorated, for its part, a tour of the ship of the american war USS Galveston in the Pacific.

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These details are even more important knowing that a part of the film Top Gun: Maverick is produced by a chinese company: Tencent Holdings, which is a partner of Paramount.

The choice to delete some of the patches, without to be major, still annoyed some fans. “The jacket of Tom Cruise in the original film Top Gun, and the same jacket in the new trailer. Note that the flags to the taiwanese and japanese have been changed to appease China. Sad.”

Tom Cruise and Paramount made no comment on the controversy for the time being.