“No Ministry of Transportation!!!!” choked on Twitter, with seven angry emoticons, MEP Karima Delli, president of the transport and tourism committee at the European Parliament.

However, Elisabeth Borne knows the sector well. She had been a noted Minister of Transport between 2017 and 2019 – and appointed immediately, as soon as Emmanuel Macron came to power.

It is not uncommon for sectoral positions, deputy ministers and secretaries of state, to be distributed later, after the legislative elections, but the list communicated on Friday includes 27 people, some of whom are responsible for the Sea, Childhood, ‘Equality between women and men or La Francophonie. Hence the astonishment of the forgotten.

“There is no Minister of Transport and there is a Minister of the Olympic Games?”, mocked Thierry Douine, president of the CFTC Transport, speaking of the new Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra .

“I think we will have to react collectively. (…) It shows once again that we were essential employees during the health crisis, but since then we have been forgotten”, he thundered in a blow of wire to AFP.

“We congratulate Amélie de Montchalin”, new Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion who retains supervision over the sector, “and we are awaiting the appointment of a Minister Delegate for Transport”, indicated more calmly a door- word of the Union of Public and Rail Transport (UTP).

Another orphan, Housing, which will also remain under the supervision of the great ministry of Mme de Montchalin.

“Happy to know that there is no housing problem in France. Otherwise, there would be a Minister of Housing”, mocked on Twitter the mayor (PS) of Bourg-en-Bresse, Jean-François Debat .

“It’s a nice slap!” Added Damien Hereng, president of the French Federation of Individual Home Builders (FFC).

However, according to the federations of real estate agents and rental management professionals Fnaim, Unis and Plurience, “purchasing power is a central and shared concern, like the ecological transition”. “Housing is undeniably at the heart of these issues”, they regretted.

– Who’s ordering ?-

The outgoing Transport and Housing, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari and Emmanuelle Wargon, did not say a word Friday evening during the handover.

Another forgotten sector of the declaration of the secretary general of the presidency, Alexis Kohler, on the steps of the Elysée: Tourism.

“We are very disappointed that the very word tourism was not pronounced”, lamented Didier Chenet, president of the GNI, the employers’ organization of the independent hotel and catering industry.

Roland Héguy, president of the UMIH – the main employers’ organization in the hotel and catering industry – expressed his “disappointment”.

“We dare to hope that tourism will be taken into consideration after the legislative elections”, also says Jean-Virgile Crance, president of the National Group of Hotel Chains (GNC).

Digital no longer has a dedicated Secretary of State, but it is at least mentioned in the attributions of the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire.

The Veterans were adopted by the new Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu. “I also become the minister of the memory of veterans and if in the title of the ministry the veterans do not appear, nevertheless I am fully the minister”, he declared on taking office.

As for the Sea, his demotion from a ministry to a secretary of state offended more than one.

“We will get closer to Ms. Benin (the new Secretary of State for the Sea Justine Benin, MoDem MP) and certainly the Prime Minister to understand the weight of fishing and the sea within the new government”, warned the Committee national maritime fisheries and marine farming.

Although regretting this disappearance of a full-fledged ministry, someone close to the office of outgoing Annick Girardin explained that the new formula would perhaps make it possible to get out of a sometimes complicated dichotomy between the ministry and the general secretariat of the Sea, attached to the Prime Minister and which coordinates the actions of the maritime prefects.

The City is nowhere for the moment. See you in the Official Journal in the coming days to find out which minister will have the hand.