To see

Toy Story 4 , an animation movie of Josh Cooley, 1h40

Woody the cowboy from Pixar has lost its place as the favorite, but only asks to resume the service. His young owner, Andy, has grown up and is at the university. Finished playing! Bonnie, the little girl who inherited her treasures, is not very attached to the cow-boy, which remains with the happiness of its young owners. Worried for Bonnie, which entered the kindergarten, his protector sailed clandestinely with it. He falls to the peak and released the child from his loneliness by helping to manufacture a new toy baptized Fork, with a plastic spoon, disposable, two pieces of wool and a stick of ice. It takes little to make a child happy. The laughter is there, without forgetting the emotion. Nicely crafted.

The Mountain: an american odyssey , a drama of Rick Alverson, 1h48

Jeff Goldbum lobotomise patients with a serene indulgence. The America of the 1950s is not offended yet little of these practices. This curious doctor took under his wing a boy who just lost his father. Here are the teen accompanying his new mentor in a road-movie that he contemplates a blank stare, photographing patients before the intervention. Rick Alverson file a your to share. It can be compared to Lanthimos and the approximation will not be accurate. The image is pure geometry. The issue is not so clear. Bundles are décèleront obviously a charge against Trump. We décervelle (but yes, but yes). It is also possible to find here an original work, filmed with a scalpel, which burns with a fire ice and can leave perplexed.

Brightburn: the child cursed , a horror of David Yarovesky, 1h30

A child came from another world arises in catastrophe on Earth. If this pitch is vaguely reminiscent of Superman it is quite the opposite. Produced by James Gunn, the film settles into a register new and convincing, combining super-heroes and horror. Attention to the startling, and to the hemoglobin.

Teen spirit , a drama of Max Minghella, 1 hour 35 minutes

Violet sings in the pubs. This girl of Polish origin has talent. She enrolled in a broadcast style of The Voice , being coached by a former opera singer. Galleys, hopes, betrayals, the picture is complete. The son of Anthony Minghella’s not afraid of classicism. It is not wrong. Elle Fanning has charm and energy. We vote for it.

You can see

Golden Glove , a drama from Fatih Akin, 1.55pm

The good student Akin seems to have wanted to make a copy of it disgusting, full of stains and erasures. For this, he went to look for the true story of Fritz Honka, a serial killer in Hamburg in the 1970s. It offers glasses for women lonely, old prostitutes and semi-clochardes for the most part, back in his small apartment charming, decorated with pornographic photos, the drunk and kills them. At the counter of the Golden Glove, it almost passes for the individual in the least degenerated from a customer who has never heard of the German economic miracle. Among the drunks who populate the place, a survivor of the Holocaust throws the elbow to the side of a former nazi. You can see in this microcosm, a metaphor of Germany after the war. Or an effective campaign denouncing the ravages of alcoholism.

To avoid

Yves , a comedy by Benoît Forgeard, 1h47

A rapper loser, William Lebghil (very well) takes the friendship to Yves , a fridge at the cutting edge of technology, talkative and composer. Good idea wacky plot does not fit on the length.

The wife of my brother , a comedy of Monia Chokri, 1h57

Monia Chokri, the actress with a particular view in Xavier Dolan signs a first film of fiction. The portrait of a thirty-something woman, like Bridget Jones in quebec, more hysterical than funny.

new Town , an animated film by Félix Dufour-Laperrière, 1h16

A free adaptation of House Leader , a short story by Raymond Carver. If graphic design, China ink, is superb, the about around a couple that is eroding is well confused. The author is lost in mixing the intimate and the political. The story takes place in 1995, in the midst of the referendum campaign for Quebec independence.