After inventing CovidTracker, a site that allows real-time monitoring of the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in France, computer engineer Guillaume Rozier adapted this system to a completely different field: energy sobriety.

While the government has set itself the objective of reducing electricity consumption by 10% compared to the winters of previous years, the TrackMyWatt site makes it possible to monitor the electrical power consumed in the territory in real time, to compare the energy consumed over the month compared to the same month in previous years, and to know the monthly power peaks. “The platform aims to present energy data in a simple and intuitive way, so that people can understand the situation and adapt their behavior accordingly”, explains Guillaume Rozier to L’Express. Thus, by consulting the site, we learn that energy consumption in France since October 1 is 9.1% higher than in previous years. What encourage us, for example, to turn down the heating, or to use our household appliances during slower periods.

The idea is therefore to mobilize through education. At the time of writing this article, Friday evening, the electric power consumed nationally amounted to more than 48,000 Mega Watts. This data, potentially quite obscure, is clarified by a short text: we first learn that a Mega Watt corresponds to the amount of energy consumed each second, then that a hair dryer or an oven consumes approximately 2kW.

With or without a calculator, it is therefore possible to know that there are currently the equivalent of 21,898 ovens in operation. “For the moment, the site only displays consumption and power, but in the future it will offer the amount of energy that France imports and the source from which it comes,” promises Guillaume Rozier. As for the monthly power peak, it is, to date in October, 52,521 MW. We let you calculate the equivalent in hair dryer.