Trains in the Moscow metro will be equipped with CCTV system with face recognition function

In Moscow for 1,5 thousand subway cars is planned to purchase equipment for face detection. For this purpose you can allocate almost 1.4 billion rubles, follows from materials on the procurement website. The documents indicated that the purpose of the “execution of works on equipping of rolling stock sue “Moscow metro” the video surveillance equipment” is “increase of safety of passenger traffic and the operational response to the occurrence of events that are implemented by equipping the cars… equipment subsystem for the automatic detection of the faces of the passengers in the video frame received from the additionally installed video surveillance cameras”. It is also expected to install a special software in real time access to archived data with video recorders rolling stock and viewing on the workstation of operators of video surveillance cameras installed in the interior of the car and in the cab. The initial amount of the contract is 1.39 billion rubles.

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