You know Murielle Magellan. Novelist, screenwriter, she wrote the plays. So Peter and the Butterfly who had a real charm. Today, obeying the desire of a young stage director, Marie-Caroline Morel, she entrusted him with this Trait-union formerly created by Bernard Murat. It is necessary to congratulate to learn to trust. The works of theater are not made to sleep in the drawers waiting for grants and great directors. And then a writer always learns to be played. This young and new staging may better enable Murielle Magellan to identify the defects of his piece. And soon, hopefully, write one, and why not on the same subject, which would be a full success.

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It is therefore in the presence of a young prodigy of the literature that is desperately trying to get edit. Fortunately for him, there is Christina, a young secretary is well introduced in the business which helps both authors recognized and essential to put order in their text. Fan unconditional of the work of this young man, she does everything for the two luminaries to read his poems. It works! They love it. We will say no more for fear of taking away the little suspense that is built in the room.

credibility gap

What is it that is not going yet? Quite simply, the credibility of the characters. The young man is far from being a Rimbaud in the grass. And even if Murielle Magellan has the intelligence not to give us extracts from this, which puts into a swoon the other three characters, he has no depth, no relay inside. The young actor who plays him, it is true, has no charisma.

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Same thing for the two luminaries, of which the characters are too broadly written so that we don’t have a sense of caricature. Only, perhaps, the character of Christina gives the impression of being real. And this is probably not a coincidence that the stage director Marie-Caroline Morel have assigned (and is rather good actress). But the more serious, Murielle Magellan, it is to have spoiled a wonderful subject: the cruelty of the publishers, the selfishness of the authors, what good is it to writing… It touches the subject, of course, but without emotion, without dramatic tension, without violence. In short, without issue.

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