This is a possible glimmer of hope for fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy . According to the publications, Marvel studios, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, would be in talks with Travis Knight. It would be to entrust the realization of the third installment of the adventure film of the super-heroes of the space, adapted from the series of comic books of the same name.

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If his name does not speak necessarily to the general public, Travis Knight, 45, was already noted by performing Kubo and the magical Armour , produced by the studios, Laika, specialists in stop-motion, this technique to create movement from stationary objects.

Kubo and the magical Armour , a film hailed by the critics

This cartoon narrating the fantastic adventures of a young boy blind in the medieval Japan was a great success upon its release in 2016. He has also been awarded best animation film three times, the Boston Film Critics Association Awards 2016, the National Board of Review Awards in the same year and the British academy Film Awards in 2017.

The son of entrepreneur Philip Knight, founder of Nike brand, has made Bumblebee , a spin-off of the film series Transformers of Michael Bay. These adventures of a yellow Ladybug with super powers will be in theaters on December 26. Before moving on to the achievement, the forty-something woman had long worked as a man of the shadow, as a producer on several animated films, like The Strange power of Norman , released in 2012.

Bumblebee [VOST] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

hopes after months of uncertainty

It is, therefore, a rising star who could take over the torch of the Guardians of the Galaxy . If it is not for the time being only a rumor, such a choice of Disney would allow putting an end to months of uncertainty. Since the ouster last July, the director James Gunn, was initially in charge of the third episode of the saga of the galactic but guilty of tweets in bad taste, nobody knew what would happen in the volume 3 of the saga.

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many fans focus their hopes on the possible choice of Travis Knight and expect a retention of the script by James Gunn, by his substitute. But in the meantime a hypothetical official announcement from Disney, the suspense remains intact. One thing is for sure, fans should still take a good while their evil in patience before being able to discover Guardians of the Galaxy 3 .