Treatment Tikhanovski recorded in the office of the head of the CEC of Belarus

the Ex-candidate presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski recorded videopress to stop the protests from the office of the head of the Belarusian Central election Commission Lidia Yermoshina.

This version of herself she confirmed in an interview with the Belarusian edition of Komsomolskaya Pravda, noting that was not present in the office at the time of recording.

“It’s my couch. She wrote this appeal without me,” she said.

According to Yarmoshyna, Tikhanovski was in the office to talk with two members of the CEC, when they brought down the complaint on the election results.

Recall, Tikhanovski wrote an appeal before a forced departure to Lithuania. Later, she appealed to the international community to help in the organization of dialogue with the Belarusian authorities and the security forces called to stand up “to the people”.