A tour to say kenavo (bye in breton) to their audience. On march 28, 2020, and yet it is a goodbye as “three John” speak to their fans who had come to Nantes to attend their last concert. After the opening in Trélazé on 2 July, Jean-Paul Corbineau, Jean Chocun and Jean-Louis Jossic will ride the France one last time with a further 18 dates across the country before the last in the City of the Dukes.

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“Fifty-year career! There are only the Rolling Stones have done the same”, says Jean-Paul Corbineau to West-France. He exaggerates a little: in France, two other groups are challenging this title, Angel, formation of progressive rock belfortain and Magma, the inventor of the “zheul”, a progressive rock agree jazz.

Since their beginnings in 1969 under the name of Sorting Yann the year Naoned (The three John of Nantes), they have accumulated sixteen albums and several gold records. The trio helped to popularize many of the music of brittany, as In the prisons of Nantes , The mare of Michao , or The girls of the ironworks.

A new song will be played on the occasion. The shores of Loch Lomond is an adaptation of a famous air traditional scottish. According to West-germany , a music video is filming in the Finistère. And on September 7, the public is invited to the final scene, on the beach of Saint-Anne-la-Palud, near Douarnenez.

The group does not preclude reform occasionally for one-off events, or to register new disks. “It is impossible that we lack,” says Jean-Paul Corbineau.