Trump has accused Biden of having ties with bin Laden

the son of the head of the White house Donald trump Jr. recorded “political” video to the national father’s Day (celebrated on the third Sunday of June, this year the 21-th day). The eldest son of a Republican President lashed out at his opponent at the next election of Democrat Joseph Biden.

This is a “PhD China, PhD candidate of Iran and Osama (bin Laden)”, described trump Jr. ex-Vice-President of the United States.

He 45th President stated that proof of “ties” Biden and the leader of the banned in Russia “al-Qaeda” Osama bin Laden exist. He referred to the classified documents that the American commandos found in the house they killed the “terrorist No. 1” in 2011, and the essence of which became known to the journalists only a year later, Forbes reports.

According to trump, in a secret dossier said that Biden allegedly agreed with the leader of the militants “al-Qaeda” murder of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. As a result of the death of the first person Biden would get the powers of the presidency, under his leadership, the country would be “plunged into crisis”, told the “contents” of the documents trump.

“We urgently make the election promotional video about this, if true,” — promised the head of state.

Recall that the US considers bin Laden the organizer of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

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