Trump has found a violation of the law in the sensational memoirs of Bolton

a Former aide to the American President Donald trump on homeland security John Bolton has not received permission to publish top-secret information, but included it in his memoirs. This position was occupied by trump after the media became aware that the content of not yet released books Bolton unflattering to the President.

As trump explained to the journalists of Fox, he made Bolton his assistant when that “nobody wanted”, “giving him a chance”, however, Bolton, despite everything, “broke the law”.

the head of the N. I. John Ratcliff also saw in the book “the Room where it all happened: a memoir about the White house” a violation of the law. The work of Bolton “is threatening sources and methods” of intelligence threat to U.S. security, said the chief of the Department.

In his memoirs, Bolton said that the President did not want to provide military assistance to Ukraine and requested Chinese leader XI Jinping to support him in the elections in 2020. In addition, according to Bolton, the summit with the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, trump, according to Secretary Mike Pompeo, “bear nonsense”. According to the author of the book, the US President had no idea that the UK has nuclear weapons, and asked “is Finland a part of Russia”.

trump “refused the services” of Bolton in 2019. The White house explained the resignation of his assistant that, “like other members of the administration, I disagree with many of his proposals.”

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