Trump made the use of the army to quell protests

If the situation will require from the President of Donald trump to use to stop the riot troops, he’ll do it, said press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makineni. Now, however, trump hopes that the police and national guard can handle without the help of the army.

“the President has the sole authority to use the Law of rebellion, is undoubtedly in his power. Our President has one goal — to protect the streets of American cities. We don’t need the burning of the Church, we don’t want shooting at police officers, we don’t want destroyed and looted businesses. The act of rebellion — one of the available tools. If the President needed, he uses it,” said Makineni

the readiness to use troops to quell the unrest by trump said on 1 June. According to him, mayors and governors are required to ensure the overwhelming presence of security forces until, until will not stop the riots.

Official representative of the military Department Jonathan Hoffman on June 3 said that the Pentagon pulled in D.C. (where the capital of the country) about 1, 6 thousand soldiers of the US army. According to him, the troops are on heightened readiness to, if necessary, to participate in the elimination of the riots that broke out after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota) may 25, after police detention.

According to the Associated Press, 3 June, the number of victims of the riots reached at least 11 people, a curfew imposed in dozens of cities, but the riots and looting continue.

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