Trump once again criticized the vote by mail in the presidential election

the US President Donald trump called the idea of universal voting by mail in presidential elections “unsustainable” and said that using it “would have started a mess.”

Speaking to reporters at the White house, trump said that the recent elections in local governments of States that have passed this way, was “unsuccessful” due to the fact that the papers were lost and there were cases of fraud. According to the American leader, such flaws in the presidential election will be “a disgrace”. In addition, according to trump, the United States mail not cope with such amount of letters.

trump believes that his opponents seek to vote by mail for the November election, “using the story of the coronavirus” because they expect “rig the election”.

At the same time, the US President added that he opposes sending by mail their ballots by those who are physically not able to vote at their place of residence, and noted that he voted that way because it works in Washington and his polling station is located in Florida. While trump said that when a small number of such cases the authorities are able to trace in the absence of violations.

the Issue of voting by mail the election in November of 2020 is being actively discussed in the US because of the pandemic coronavirus, which can prevent the vicinity of the voters of their precinct.