the work of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” will be suspended from 23 to 29 June for routine maintenance.

“the Transportation of gas to both branches of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” will be temporarily suspended in the morning of 23 June to 29 June for the annual complex maintenance and basic diagnostics”, — stated in the message on the project website.

Specifies that three days is a planned maintenance work on onshore facilities in the area of Anapa and six days at the receiving terminal near the Turkish village of Kayika, said PRIME.

Recall that the pipeline “Turkish stream”, which was commissioned in January 2020, the Russian gas arrives in Turkey via the Black sea and then goes to that country’s border with neighboring States. The first string of the gas pipeline is intended for the Turkish market, the second — for the gas supply countries in southern and South-Eastern Europe. The capacity of each line — 15.75 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

meanwhile, Russia has fallen to fifth place in the list of the largest suppliers of gas to Turkey from the first place a year earlier. So, in March 2020, the share of Russia’s export of gas to the Turkish market fell to 9.9% (389,7 million cubic meters), while a year earlier it was up to 33% (1.4 billion cubic meters), it was stated in the materials of the Turkish energy regulator EPDK.

during the reporting period, the Russian pipeline supply to Turkey has bypassed Azerbaijan (share of 23.5%) and Iran (14,2%), and the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) — Qatar (20%) and Algeria (13.7 per cent).

At the end of the first quarter of this year, Turkey has reduced the intake of Russian gas by 17% compared to the corresponding period last year to 3,757 billion cubic meters.

Meanwhile, the number of Turkish companies have accumulated a debt to “Gazprom” in the amount of about $2 billion, pointed out last week, sources haZeta Wall Street Journal.

“the Number of Turkish companies have accumulated a debt of about $ 2 billion to Russian state energy giant Gazprom, the paper said.

Seven private companies that have signed long-term contracts for the purchase of large volumes of gas from “Gazprom” with the condition “take or pay”, last year in fact took less than 15% of the agreed targets and are unable to meet their payment obligations, a source told the newspaper. Now these companies are in talks with Gazprom, trying to resolve the situation without litigation.

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