Twitter acknowledged the tweet trump offensive, but not removed

Twitter found offensive language in a tweet, U.S. President Donald trump the intention of the protesters to establish in Washington an “Autonomous zone”. However, it was decided to leave available “in the public interest”, despite the violation of the rules, said in a statement.

we are Talking about trump’s statement that the attempt to establish in Washington the so-called “Autonomous zones” will meet resistance. “No Autonomous areas in Washington will not be until I am your President. If they only try, they will face serious power,” trump wrote in his report.

Thus he commented on the actions of the protesters in Washington Tuesday night. Activists tried to push the pedestal the statue of President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette square near the White house and wrote on the pedestal is written the reduction BHAZ (eng.: Black House Autonomous Zone — an Autonomous zone of the Black house), implying the White house.

earlier in may, Twitter has flagged two messages trump as containing false information.

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