Twitter has blocked all accounts for the last month changed your password

Twitter has agreed to block all accounts in which for the last 30 days the password was changed. A message posted on the support page of the social network.

the report said that the decision was taken “because of security reasons”. It is noted that the accounts had nothing to do with hacking users will be released “as quickly as possible,” but the test will take “some time”.

in addition, support is emphasized that the blocking of an account does not mean that the user is under suspicion. Specifies that other users do not need to change their passwords without having, as it is unlikely that the hackers got access to passwords.

In turn, Reuters reports that the investigation of hacking Twitter is going to deal with the FBI. The Ministry called the attack with fraud cryptocurrency.

we will Remind, the day before was hacked the accounts of famous people on Twitter. In particular, suffered Elon Musk, bill gates, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Joe Biden. On their pages, the hackers posted messages in which it was proposed to transfer bitcoins. They managed to collect about $112 thousand

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