The world-or-nothing . The opening title of their second album, The World Chico (2015), hid nothing of the dreams of greatness of Tarik Nabil Andrieu, aka “Ademo” and “N. O. S”. An ambition that is hardly disproportionate for the two brothers of NLP and their clips that do mégotent not on the means. Since, each of their videos creates the event on the planet rap where they exceed easily the “million views in 24 hours”. The routine. Their second album is back “in the legend” by 2017, offering the certification of diamond. At the end of march, the brothers of Corbeil-Essonnes are even became the first hip-hop artists French to reach the top 30 of the world on Spotify.

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suffice to say that their third album (fourth if you count the EP As the family) was expected. We prepared for a real earthquake in the musical landscape. It has taken place, with a leak of their most recent songs, two days before the official release date. “In the French rap, ever an album has not been as expected,” says to reason, the music critic Olivier Cachin. The announcement of the disc is arrived at after (too?) long teasing, at the same time that the clip DD , filmed at the top of the Eiffel tower. Today, the brothers Andrieu are literally at the top.

Melancholy and pain of living

Ademo and N. O. S, however, have abandoned their delusions of grandeur. “Fight in the c******* of the Himalayas”, the NLP “is no longer the top”. They let us “the moon”, preferring their “jungle” to do “antics”. And we grow in the stairway to the “cellar”! So what if the insects that live there give the cockroach. They are born with!

The duo drags his melancholy throughout the ten-eight tracks of this new disc reflect a certain darkness. NLP combines this suffering ( Chang ). Live hurts ( Celsius ) and we are trying to escape away to care for “a heart that bleeds” ( Borders ). “I grew up in the zoo,” warns N. O. S in Zulu Tchaing . The city of Tarterêts in which the brothers grew up has a population of claims zebras.

And the love in all this? “A funny concept” ( Another World ) that the duo did not hesitate to compare to a commercial exchange. A transaction like any other. And even a mention of the past clouded by drug trafficking that the group is to glorify as much as he disparages in each of his songs. In NLP, the feelings are like a taste of “ammonia”.

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The only true link that unites Tarik Nabil is friendly, seem to want to say what Two Brothers . “I loved my brother more than my life, as I was taught it by my father,” said the cadet on the title track. “Baba, for your smile, I’d give my life,” responds the elder, speaking to the same father-loving, former kingpin of the city, in Zulu Tchaing . The two pieces reveal a sensitivity introspective often mysterious, if not opaque in the universe of the group.

to explore sound and guitars Spanish

addicted to the cloud rap of NLP will be glad to dive back into this universe is cleverly constructed. To the critics, them, will ridicule this world of fantasy, and sometimes is too hermetic. A “jungle” cathartic, the only escape possible to the nihilism that eats away at the duo. As in their first two drives, Ademo and N. O. S slip references to the animated japanese ( GTO , Naruto , Dragon Ball ) or video games (Zelda, Shenmue, Street Fighter) over the securities. Juggling with clichés, they are watching the circus of their lives. Compare happy “Mowgli” and “Simba”. In Kuta Ubud , the song is an allegory of drug trafficking, they seem to almost invent a vocabulary animal. Using the image of Blanka – character in the video game fighting Street Fighter, which gives its name to a title of the disc – the brothers recall that they are as wild as the human. All-too-human.

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Musically, NLP continues the sonic exploration began on the legend , linking the production to the sounds of latina and caribbean making it great for guitars Spanish. The group offers without doubt one of its most beautiful titles with the related misery is so beautiful the end of the album. A tribute to Aznavour? Not sure. The misery seems to have worn out. On several songs, they evoke the possibility of abandoning their life as an artist after this Two Brothers . “More inspi”, say they. “More want”, perhaps. For the moment, it succeeds.

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