Two children fell out of Windows of houses in the suburbs

the suburban the investigators warned of increasing cases of children falling from the Windows of houses.

So, for the past day Libereco two children — a boy of three and seven years of devlce — dropped out of Windows of multi-storey buildings, have informed in a press-service GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region.

the incident with the three-year-old boy took place on June 16 in the apartment located on the fourth floor. The child, while the father was in the next room, leaned on the mosquito net and fell. The kid with injury of the head, abdomen and fracture of the right thigh was taken to hospital.

Seven year old girl fell out of a sixth floor window. The case is also occurred when the child was left without adult supervision. The girl climbed on the window sill in the kitchen, leaned on the mosquito net and fell out of the window. Fortunately, the victim survived with injuries were hospitalized.

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