Forty-two works of art, including two manuscripts of Alain Souchon have been sold at auction Sunday at the Castle of Chambord (Loir-et-Cher) for a total of over 43,000 euros for the benefit of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, has found an AFP journalist.

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The two manuscripts of Alain Souchon, the first of Crowd sentimental , released in 1993, and the second is the Allô maman, bobo in 1977, have been awarded € 2 200. A table of the painter tourangeau Gregory Cortecero, On the path of reconstruction (indian ink, gold paint, gold leaf, paper Xuan produced according to the techniques of sumi-e, a movement in japanese painting traditional ink and water, has been awarded 2 600 euros by the auctioneers Philippe and Aymeric Rouillac.

Text manuscript of the lyrics of “Crowd sentimentale” by Alain Souchon, sold 1000 euros. The House Rouillac A new évangéliaire to Our Lady

the proceeds from the auction, which drew some 500 persons, shall be paid to the sculptor and goldsmith of Georgian origin Goudji, who has a workshop near Vendome (Loir-et-Cher), in order to achieve an object of worship for the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. In total, 21 690 euros have been raised, matched to the same height by the departmental Council of Loir-et-Cher. The works were offered by thirty artists in the Val-de-Loire.

“Rather than do a cheque, we wanted to offer a liturgical object that will remain and will be visible at all offices”

Aymeric Rouillac, auctioneer

“This money will help to Goudji to achieve the évangéliaire of Notre-Dame de Paris, a cover in which is placed the liturgical book of christianity, which contains all or part of the Gospels read during the celebrations,” said AFP Aymeric Rouillac. “We did not expect such a success”, acknowledged Nicholas Pearson, chairman of the county Council. “Any time artists from the Val-de-Loire have created works for Our Lady of Paris. We are in the continuity. Rather than write a cheque, we wanted to offer a liturgical object that will remain and will be visible at all offices”, he added.