Two paintings by Van Gogh, stolen in 2002 and recovered in a mafia-like Italian, are again exposed to the Van Gogh museum of Amsterdam. As for this week, The tables a View of the sea from Scheveningen (1882) and Output of the reformed church in Nuenen (1884-1885) will be visible after the restoration, ” said museum director, Axel Rueger. “The restorers have done a fantastic job and the paintings can now be admired in all their splendor”, he rejoiced.

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View of the sea from Scheveningen (1882) Van Gogh JEROEN JUMELET/AFP Stolen in Amsterdam, hidden by the mafia neapolitan

The two works, valued at € 50 million each in 2016, have been stolen by criminals who had used a simple scale to win the roof of the famous museum of Amsterdam. They had then used a rope to enter the building is highly secure, before fleeing with their loot. The flight lasted only four minutes. The investigators italians had regained the works during the search of a house which had belonged to the leader of the mafia, Raffaele Imperiale, Castellammare di Stabia, in the south-east of Naples.

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“Thanks to the financial police have recovered the works of Van Gogh. I am proud of our forces of law and order”, had welcomed on Twitter the head of the Italian government, Matteo Renzi.

priceless historic Value,

View of the sea from Scheveningen has been damaged during the flight, with “a song a result of paint missing in the lower left corner of the chart, indicated by the Van Gogh museum. The table Output of the reformed church in Nuenen has hardly been damaged. The conservators have however had to remove a layer of varnish aging to hues of yellowish, probably applied by Van Gogh himself. The two paintings have also received new frames, the former having been lost during the flight .

View of the sea from Scheveningen is the only painting in the collection of the museum end of the period of the painter in The Hague (1881-1883). “This is one of the only two views of the ocean that he created during his years in the netherlands and an important example of the style early in his painting,” said the museum.

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Output of the reformed church in Nuenen , which was his father’s pastor, is a small painting that the artist has composed for his mother. “In 1885, after the death of his father, he returned to the canvas and added parishioners to the forefront, including women with a shawl that is worn in times of mourning,” says the Van Gogh Museum.

Output of the reformed church in Nuenen (1884-1885) of Van Gogh JEROEN JUMELET/AFP

Founded in 1973, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam houses the largest collection in the world of works of the master post-impressionist.

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