Two Russian banks cancelled license

the Central Bank of Russia today revoked the licenses of two Moscow financial organizations — Bank “Kuznetsk bridge” and Bank “Industrial investment Bank” (Prominvestbank).

As explained by the regulator, the grounds for the relevant decisions became the petition of a credit institution whose shareholders decided on voluntary liquidation.

Specifies that Prominvestbank is a 236-e a place in the Russian banking system by total assets, and “Kuznetsk bridge” — 362-E.

the “Kuznetsky most” is a system of Deposit insurance, and Bank is not a participant.

we also Recall, in early February, the experts of the rating Agency “National credit ratings” predicted that this year the Central Bank will continue to revoke the license of banks, with the result that the market may leave another 25-30 credit institutions. Analysts NKR then expected “trend from the market unstable players, although the extent of revoking licenses and will not return to the level of the period of active “clearing” of the sector by the Bank of Russia”.

“According to the NKR by the end of 2020 can be revoked the licenses of credit organizations of 25-30. On the basis of voluntary liquidations/reorganizations the total number of operating banks decreased from 442 to 1 January to just over 400 at the end of the year”, — stated in the review.

we Add that, according to the CBR, as of 1 January 2020 in Russia were 442 credit institution (at the beginning of the 2019 — 484). In December the number was reduced to two (with a share in the assets of less than 0.1%) in connection with the revocation of the license. For all of last year was revoked/cancelled license, 31 credit organizations, 12 occurred in the reorganization merger.

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