The tireless perseverance of the fans of the site ATU2 allowed them to get hands-on with the registration of one of the very first concerts of U2. The show, which date from August 11, 1979, was held at the Dandelion Market in Dublin, a place that unfortunately exists today. At the time, the four boys were still young artists with dreams full head. The group had existed for 3 years and was becoming one of the most influential of the planet.

The old with the new

On the tape, fans will have the joy to find pieces such as Out of Control, Stories for Boys or Shadows and Tall Trees, present in their first album, Boy, released in 1980, , but also of the titles much more rare as a Cartoon World (1980) or Street Mission (1978) . But this is not the sap of this historical record is the presence of two pieces never performed neither in studio, nor in the boxes : In Your Hand and Concentration Camp.

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U2 – In Your Hand, the Dandelion Market, Dublin, on August 11, 1979 – Watch on Figaro Live

For this beautiful gift, fans of the group can thank Pete McCluskey, at the time, guitarist of the Stougers which ensured the first part of the concert. He had the quickness of mind to record the passage of “the band with Bono”. “I am happy to have recorded this concert (…) I didn’t realize the significance it had and of its place in history prior to very recently”. Fans may also recognize the work of the archive, huge that has made the site ATU2 to find this collector’s item.

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This tape becomes the oldest record of the group known at this time, dethroning even the concert at the Cork Opera House on 22 October 1979.