Udaltsov: the administration of President gathered 500 opponents of the amendments to the Constitution (photo)

opposition Supporters lined up in front of the presidential administration (AP) Russia to send back a statement of disagreement with the constitutional reform and those in which form were the “nationwide poll” on the amendments. This was announced by the leader of the organization “Left front” Sergei Udaltsov.

According to him, the action was attended by about 500 people. The police took no steps in.

From the AP RF had already gathered about 500 people. Representatives of the Left Front, the Moscow Soviet, the Communist party, Business Party, the “Other Russia”, “Civil solidarity”, ZSL and SD of other organizations. They lined up a long queue along the building up of the Russian Federation and submit their applications pic.twitter.com/SLxcfbu8Pt

— Sergey Udaltsov (@s_udaltsov) July 4, 2020

Submission of claims in the administration of the President continues without arrests, apparently the police also stand in solidarity with the demands of the people. Then the participants of the action intend to seek support of their claims to all opposition forces pic.twitter.com/JcNMwlXnHJ

— Sergey Udaltsov (@s_udaltsov) July 4, 2020

the protesters, the politician said, said that you can’t trust the voting results.

Citizens outraged by “zeroing” the timing of President Putin, to be implemented in full, and not the sham reform of the Constitution by convening a constitutional Assembly and a referendum with a turnout of 50%, with the vote on the amendments separately blocks pic.twitter.com/lxMyPQvZjB

— Sergey Udaltsov (@s_udaltsov) July 4, 2020

In Russia, June 25 — July 1 at the vote on the question of changes in the Constitution for amendments in favor of more than 77% of the participants of the campaign. The plebiscite did not take the form of a referendum was called the authorities survey. On 3 July President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on introduction of amendments into force from today. One of the items in the new version of the basic law allows the leader of Stwounds “reset” their presidential terms.

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