Ukraine appreciated the readiness for war with Russia

Ex-Minister of transport and communication Yevhen Chervonenko stated that the country has no chance to win in a direct military conflict with Russia.

According to him, with its Eastern neighbor will have to look for “consensus” — without the humiliation and opportunity to benefit for Kiev.

In the broadcast channel “112 Ukraine,” Chervonenko stressed that there is always an opportunity to give something without betraying Ukrainian interests.

“War is not the answer, especially with Russia: never we will not win. I just can mathematically prove — formulas, not even emotions. I am sure that even today, with Russia it would be possible with dignity, without humiliation, mutually beneficial, not a drop of Ukrainian interests not losing, conceding, maybe something, but gaining in another, come to consensus,” said the former Minister.

As noted Chervonenko, protective structures on the border also have no meaning the face of the military-technical potential.

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