Ukraine has introduced duties on matches from Russia and Belarus

anti-Dumping duties on matches from Russia and Belarus introduced in Ukraine. This decision was made on Friday the Interdepartmental Commission on international trade (mkmt). About it reported in a press release of the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture of Ukraine.

According to the results of antidumping investigation concerning import to Ukraine of matches originated from Belarus and the Russian Federation an anti-dumping duty for Belarus in the amount of one-21.32% for the Russian Federation in the amount of 45.79%, the report said.

the Commission also adopted the decision to impose final anti-dumping duties in the amount 51,52% in respect of import to Ukraine of seamless hot-deformed steel pipes from China.

in addition, to determine the preliminary anti-dumping duty in the amount of 19.75% on imports to Ukraine of steel fasteners originated from China.

the Commission also imposed a provisional duty at the rate of 18% on imports of polymeric materials regardless of country of origin and export.

Extended the anti-dumping duties in the amount of 123% on imports into Ukraine products made of ferrous metals, not electrically isolated (except products of corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel and products for civil aviation) originating from the PRC in connection with the expiration of their application.

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