Ukraine is launching the second phase of the easing of the quarantine

Ukraine Friday begins the second of the five stages of release from quarantine, which was imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. At this stage, the country will be back to work by public transport, hotels and kindergartens, RIA “Novosti”.

on Wednesday, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended quarantine until June 22, but noted that the restrictions will be adaptive and will depend on the situation with the spread of the virus in each region. We also learned that the time interval between steps to mitigate the restrictive measures will be 10 days.

a Nationwide quarantine due to the outbreak of coronavirus was introduced in Ukraine since March 12. On may 11 in connection with a controlled epidemiological situation the number of measures was reduced. The first stage was allowed to run hairdressing and beauty salons, has opened a summer Playground cafes and restaurants, the ban was lifted on walks in the parks. In addition, he returned to work the food stores.

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