Ukraine may appeal to the court of justice for the downed aircraft missile in Iran

Ukraine may appeal to international court of justice in a dispute with Iran about the downed passenger plane. The official decision is still pending, but is being discussed, said Deputy foreign Minister Yevgeny Yenin, it quotes “Корреспондент.net”.

ENIN explained that ahead of conducting many of the required procedures, but in General, the negotiations with Iran lead to the filing of a lawsuit in foreign jurisdictions. Have to go to Court of justice for the downed aircraft “sooner or later”, did not rule out the ENIN.

He added that dialogue with Iran does not stop, and Ukraine is ready to resolve the dispute out of court.

Recall, Boeing “Ukraine International airlines” flew from Tehran to Kiev crashed on 8 January. On Board were 176 people, all of them died. Initially, the Iranian authorities claimed that the plane crashed because of a technical fault, but later admitted that the ship mistakenly shot down an Iranian missile.

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