Ukrainian language in the LC lost its status as state

the people’s Council (Parliament) of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic has made changes to the Constitution of the LC, resulting in the Russian language remained the only one having the status of a state.

it was voted the 42 present at the plenary session deputies, one abstained, according to INDIVIDUALS.

At the same time, according to the Constitution, every citizen retains the right to use his native language, freely choose the language of communication, upbringing, education and creativity.

during the discussion it was suggested that the adoption of the law will contribute to strengthening of integration processes between the LC and Russia, enhancement and enrichment of the spiritual culture of the state.

Earlier, the Ministry of education of the breakaway Republic has excluded the study of the Ukrainian language from the basic part of the curricula of educational institutions for the next academic year. Students are invited to teach or to MOV in the amount of one hour per week, or to develop its optional.

In March, a similar decision regarding the status of the Ukrainian language, adopted in the people’s Republic of Donetsk.

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