Ulitsa Marshala Timoshenko in Moscow becomes unilateral

At the request of local residents on the section of street of Marshal Timoshenko, from the street Akademika Pavlova, 16 impose one-way traffic.

In the Center of traffic organization of Moscow explained that the road passes right under the Windows of houses. Not to stand at the traffic lights, motorists who travel from Rublevsky highway on Yartsevskaya street, go around an adjustable intersection along houses № 2/5, 4 and 6.

“because of the constant stream of cars in the homes of noisy, and cross the road unsafe, so the residents of the street of Marshal Timoshenko asked us to exclude transit”, — noted in a press-service of TMS.

the Change in traffic patterns will limit the transit traffic along the residential houses. Motorists, who previously rode on the street tube before the traffic light, can drive along the stretch of street of Marshal Timoshenko along houses № 20 and 26. It is far enough from residential houses, it goes urban transport, and the additional traffic will not create discomfort.

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