Uncle of the deceased Elizabeth Glubinoi told the details of the carnage that was seen via video link

Reporters found that shooting in an apartment on the street Priorova in Moscow, which killed four people, happened during a conversation via video link.

As reported by “MK” referring to telegram channel Mash, uncle of the deceased Elizabeth Glubinoi talked with her mother Svetlana.

According to him, his niece and 21-year-old Sevastian Putintsev broke up a long time ago, but after the girls got a new boyfriend, the former began to threaten with murder.

on the day of the carnage, he showed a video sister, mother, Lisa, swing, which brought together in Sergiev Posad. At some point the door to the apartment rang. The girl’s mother said that came from an old boyfriend. Then Lisa went and opened the door. Putintsev lashed out at former lover and began to beat.

Before the shooting, she managed to shout brother up: “Vitaly, for God’s sake, someone call got a kid here, Vitaly!”.

Recall that the shooting occurred the day before in the apartment on the street Priorova. A young man came to his former lover Lisa Glubinoi with a carbine and killed her, her mother and four year old nephew and then killed himself.

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