Who said that the creatures the most frightening were lost in the depths of space? In this film looks like a mixture between Alien and Abyss , scientists are stuck in their ship submarine are going to have to try to survive in the depths of the ocean. They were quick to understand that their main threat is not the lack of oxygen when they encounter a mystery monster who wakes up in the darkness of deep water, 11 kilometers below the surface. The trailer, released Monday, adds to this synopsis already a scary good dose of adrenaline.

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With her blonde hair shaved, Kristen Stewart burst onto the screen, while a Vincent Cassel grizzled appears trapped in the wreckage of the submarine. After three films in 2019, the one who made a detour by the independent cinema revived with productions that are more ambitious, such as Charlie’s Angels scheduled for December. On his side, after Black Swan and Jason Bourne and before the next film from David Cronenberg, alongside Viggo Mortensen, the French continued his career in hollywood.

To the poster also, Jessica Henwick, noticed in the series Netflix Marvel’s Iron Fist , TJ Miller, who had appeared in Ready Player One and Deadpool 2 , and John Gallagher, one of the main characters of the series The Newsroom . They will play in one of their biggest productions with this third feature-length film signed by William Eubank whose output is scheduled for January 8, 2020. The director was at the controls of the science-fiction films Space Time: the final odyssey in 2012 and The Signal in 2015.