Unknown stole a granite book monument to victims of political repression in St. Petersburg (photo)

ascension embankment North of the capital looted memorial in memory of victims of political repression. This was announced by activist Vadim Sukhodolsky.

According to him, vandals stole the granite book.

Monument to victims of political repression in the ascension embankment damaged by vandals. Granite stole the book.

MO’ninskoe, but two steps from our Foundry district. Sent to the administration of the Central district of appeal at the request of residents.

read More: https://t.co/ns9gt04DPi pic.twitter.com/6Y4DIZAWUH

— Vadim Sukhodolsky (@sukhodolsky) June 20, 2020

the Public asked the authorities of the Central district of St. Petersburg to find the perpetrators of the damage to the monument and restore it.

do you Know about the incident to the police, not reported.

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