on April 15, The world watched with helplessness to the fall of the spire of Notre-Dame, devoured by the flames. A month later, while the national Assembly must address this Friday on a draft law governing the restoration of the cathedral, editions Robert Laffont announced in a press release on a publication’s outstanding novelist welsh Ken Follett.

a Lover of cathedrals, the writer upset by the damage caused to Our Lady wished to participate in its own way to the reconstruction of the religious edifice. He was highly inspired for his major work, the Pillars of the Earth , in which a population starts in the reconstruction of a cathedral with your bare hands.

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Our Lady of Paris “embodies our relationship with the Story,” confided Ken Follett to the AFP the day after the fire. “The construction of Notre-Dame started in 1163, it was almost 1000 years. When one sees such a building be destroyed, it is as if someone died.” Today, the writer is about to publish a short story in which he sends “passion of the cathedrals” and “the strong link and the ancestral between Notre Dame and us”, explains Cécile Boyer-Runge, director of Editions Robert Laffont. A publication that would tell the emotion of Ken Follett and which will be especially on the history of this masterpiece of gothic art, from its construction to its influence on literature, his own as that of Victor Hugo.

“If the people were weeping on 15 April, in Paris as everywhere in the world,” explains Ken Follett in the press release of the publishing house, it is because something very important and intimate was in the process of being destroyed before their eyes. We are the heirs of the builders of cathedrals, and I want to participate in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame”. The profits of the book and its copyrights will be donated to the Heritage Foundation, entitled since April 16, to receive donations for Our Lady.

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Ken Follett is not the only one to have felt this need to write after the tragic incident. Adrien Goetz, a lecturer at the university of Paris-Sorbonne in history of art and contributor to the Figaro for which it holds the column “The Arts and You”, will release on may 22, Our Lady of humanity (Editions Grasset. A reflection on the preservation of the art, this common heritage of humanity.