Ural human rights defenders in the courts to protect the right of Muslim prisoners to remove clothes for bathing

In the Seventh appeal court of General jurisdiction revoked the decisions of lower courts, to authorize the punishment of a prisoner-a Muslim for the removal of clothing for ablution. As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the head of public organization “Legal basis” Aleksey Sokolov, the matter will be considered again in the Sverdlovsk regional court.

According to the story of human rights, the conflict occurred in may 2019 in PKU IR-63 in Ivdel GUFSIN Russian Federation in the Sverdlovsk region. The prisoner, being a faithful Muslim, was in a single cell-type (CPT). During the month of Ramadan, he removed his upper garments to perform religious ritual ablution before prayer. It was recorded on video.

“the prisoner came the staff made a table and other things and told him that he will now sit in the position of the cooler. He was given 15 days because he violated the dress”, — said Alexey Sokolov.

After intervened by human rights activists, persecution of the convict continued. He was given another 15 days in punishment cell, accused of using obscene language. “After that the prison administration went to court with the petition for change of mode of punishment in prison. Now he is serving his sentence in Minusinsk,” said Sokolov.

human rights activists decided not to leave this case without consequences and appealed to the court. Ivdel town court found the punishment of the prisoner is legal. The same definition was carried Sverdlovsk regional court. Among the documents which were submitted by the defenders, there were pieces of Spiritual administration of Muslims Asian part of Russia, confirming the need for such a ritual. In the end, the court of cassation quashed the decisions of both courts.

Alexei Sokolov has noticed, that the cancellation of the two decisions in appeal — a rare case in the practice of law. Now human rights activists intend to EXTto ivalsa justification of the believer, s/C.

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