Ural Metropolitan appealed to the schema-monk Sergius with accusatory letter

the Head of the Yekaterinburg diocese Metropolitan Kirill wrote an open letter to the schema-monk Sergius (Romanov), who was recently defrocked after a series of controversial statements, but did not stop preaching and worship.

In a letter published on the website of the diocese, Metropolitan Kirill reminded that in his decree that he would “keep silent and in silence to pray for the world, which is crowded with bloggers, but poor prayer”, but Romanov said in response that he is being persecuted because of the content of his sermons. “This is partly true, but not try to stop talking about globalization, about the coronavirus and the persecution of Christianity was caused by my decree. I cared about the welfare of the Church and the salvation of your soul,” said the Metropolitan.

He also cited the example of one of the sermons, in Novels which talked about “the Overton window”, about the President, attended an official visit to Israel, about double the President, bishops, wearing clothes pre-sample and about the masons, but also read as a genuine document false the will of Stalin and then 20 minutes telling me all about Stalin and his achievements. Metropolitan noticed that it happened on a day when is celebrated the memory of Orthodox saints, martyred during Stalin’s rule.

“Your preaching is not only full of nonsense, that should not be, in the words of the preachers, but, worst of all, slander and lies,” — said Metropolitan Kirill. “I saw the damage from your preaching to Your own soul, because it was clear the extreme heat of the passion you for the edification of others and to that effect you did the your nervous and vain speeches,” explained the Bishop.

He called the preaching of St. Sergius “badly beaten and read other people’s thoughts, expressed by words whose meaning you are not always known.” Metropolitan believes that Romanov avoided the meetings of the diocesan ecclesiastical court, as there would haveSya pre-written responses.

the Bishop expressed confidence that the schema-monk’s demarche was caused by the ban on preaching: “Real disagreeable for me was simple resentment of a dependent person, who was excommunicated from the object of his dependence, and in the patristic language of passion. Do you like a naughty child took away a favourite toy — the ability to manage people and you suchite and organize the infamous tantrum in the whole world,” wrote the Metropolitan.

He also said that the fact that the punishment for a serious crime in his autobiography when making Sana Novels encrypted phrase: “1984-1997 he was and worked in USCH-349/13 specialty electrician”.

the Metropolitan was not to criticize the raised Romanov theme: he believes that global control and the destruction of the education system, and development of implantable into the human body of devices, and redundancy of measures to combat coronavirus worth of discussion, but the intellectual level of chiyoumen does not allow him to participate: “You said that Nikita Mikhalkov is repeating the same thing you are. It’s not true. It You clumsily try to imitate him, in fact the only disturbing case. Nikita tells what he knows and does it in a balanced way and loving the truth and not himself. You’re sprinkling the right thoughts handfuls of lies, obscurantism and outright schizophrenic delusions, in fact, discredit the fight against new challenges of time.”

“I blame you not that you are struggling with attempts to establish total control, I rebuke you that you interfere with this fight”, — reads the statement of Metropolitan.

He noticed that he was deceived by the charisma Romanov now experiencing disappointment: “So do not blame your children, although they behave overly nervous and sometimes aggressive. I know how painful my husband.hardware. But everything passes — the denial comes anger that we’ve seen among your children. But the wrath is not eternal. He will be bargaining, followed by depression, and then acceptance of the fact that you are no longer a priest.”

He suggested that the schema-monk to take place for repentance: “to Engage you in debate, to convince and to persuade you, I will not. My duty as a Bishop, in particular, is to drive over the fence of the Church those clergy who do not work humbly in the vineyard of Christ and not bearing fruit of obedience. I disliked this duty, but I will not shy away from execution.”

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