Ural, the court fined chiyoumen Sergius for extremist preaching

Verkhnyaya Pyshma city court of the Sverdlovsk region was fined 18 thousand rubles defrocked of chiyoumen Sergei (Nicholas Romanov). He was found guilty of inciting hatred or enmity (article 20.3.1 of the administrative code), reports TASS. And he did not attend the meeting, his interests were represented by lawyer Svetlana Gerasimova. She noted that the verdict will be appealed. According to the court, Abbot was prosecuted for his admitted statements during the sermon in the building Sredneuralskaya convent, which bore the signs of excitation of enmity, hatred, hatred, humiliation of human dignity to the group on a national basis and also calls for the eviction of an indefinite number of persons calling for the observance of the regime of self-isolation in the spread of coronavirus infection. The statements were recorded on video and spread widely on the Internet and the media. Recall that Abbot Sergius was dismissed from his sermons April 27, after the appearance of the video, where he urged people to take to the streets and visit the temples, despite the isolation. He also called the situation with coronavirus “pseudopodia”. In late may, after the breach of the prohibition of the priest was banned in the Ministry, the sacraments, deprived of the right to wear the pectoral cross. On 3 July the ecclesiastical court of the Yekaterinburg diocese stripped him of his dignity for the violation of priestly vows. The relevant sentence is submitted for approval to the Patriarch.

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