Urgant: Panin is the best in Russia knows what a bottom

the Famous TV presenter Ivan Urgant commented on the incident with actron Alexei Panin, staged a “performance” at the funeral stars of the Soviet cinema of Michael Aksenova.

In the evening show on the First channel Urgant, speaking about the Russian immersion of the apparatus “Vityaz” on the bottom of the Mariana trench, mention Panin. “How does deep-water apparatus “Vityaz”? This is Alexey Panin, the actor, wearing a coat of mail, suit and roulette” — humorously remarked Urgant, adding that Panin — “man better than anyone in our country knows what a bottom.”

goodbye Aksenovym June 7 in Moscow appeared Panin with the bride. Known for its scandalous behavior of the actor at some point he started to swear publicly to be indignant due to the accumulation of journalists. He also called Aksenova incompetent Director and a wooden actor.

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