US to increase military presence in Poland

the US President Donald trump will meet on June 24 with the leader of Poland Andrzej Duda, the parties will discuss military cooperation.

according to Gazeta Prawna, during his visit to Washington Duda agree with trump, the transfer of two thousand American soldiers in Poland and around 30 F-16 fighters.

the Transfer will be carried out under the agreement, DCA (Defence Cooperation Act), which will be signed by the leaders of the countries.

it is Noted that initially the U.S. planned to send only a thousand military, in addition to the already placed five thousand, but later took a decision on double increase of the new troops and the transfer of command of the V corps of the army of the United States from Germany.

the US plans to transfer to Poland five used transport aircraft C-130 Hercules and to sell the attack helicopters AH-64 Apache or the Bell AH-1Z Viper.

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