USA began to think again about the most severe sanctions against Russia in connection with

the U.S. House of representatives will consider the bill with a proposal to regard Russia as “state sponsor of terrorism”. If the Russian Federation will be included in the list of such countries, along with Iran and North Korea, it threatened severe sanctions.

the document Author, Democrat Max rose, urged the state Department to decide whether the “support of Russia” militias in the Donbass, “foreign terrorist organizations.”

As explained on its website, the Congressman, he put the issue on the agenda after The New York Times that Moscow allegedly offered money to the Taliban (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan. The Kremlin rejected the accusations.

Earlier in June, the Congress have made proposals to impose on Russia, “the most severe sanctions” within the framework of the struggle of States from external threats. According to some Republicans, Russia “interferes with the interests of the US and undermines democracy in the world.”

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